Not so “shaded” any more!

This shade had seen better days but I wanted a new shade for another lamp that I already had.  I thought the shade would make a good frame for a new covering but wanted light to shine through. I knew that the shade would fall apart if I removed too much of it.  So, with a kitchen knife in hand, I started sawing away portions of the shade.
It looks sad but there’s hope! Sorry for the blurry photos; no expert photographer here.
I’m hot gluing some leftover burlap on this thing to see how that looks.  I’ll fold the top over about an inch to give it a more finished edge on the top of the lamp shade.  I think I’ll leave extra at the bottom so I can “pull” some of the threads to give it a frayed look.
I’m loving this new shade for my old lamp!    Note:I always use LED bulbs in any of my lamps with cloth.  They produce little heat so I avoid a fire hazard.


This is an example of another shade that I made.  The shade was mostly destroyed and I only wanted to use the top and bottom rings.  I cut away most of the shade but left two strips of shade material on the sides until I had most of my jute cords holding the top and bottom rings together.  Then I removed the remaining shade material and filled in more jute.  How cute!

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