Inspired to Paint a Chicken

Yesterday, I was searching Google for a photograph that would inspire me enough to recreate it on canvas.  Most of the time I use my own photos, but this time I was searching for bird photos.  While looking at photos of chickens, I inadvertently came across a You-Tube video by Paul McCartney.  The video is called “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian”.  I’m putting a link of the video so you can watch.  I warn you. It’s graphic! Throughout the video, I watched all sorts of animal abuses that are performed at modern, factory farms.  I had just finished my lunch and flossed my teeth to remove the sliver of pork steak that was wedged between them.   As Paul McCartney narrated the video, I watched, in horror, abuses farm animals undergo.  I kept thinking, are these abuses tolerated so that I can eat meat? I would describe some of the details of the video to you, but have a hard time writing them.  Despite the sickening feeling swelling up in my stomach, I did continue to watch the video to completion; however, not without shedding tears and feeling like my lunch would literally haunt me. I’m already talking to my family about “going vegetarian” and if we could adjust to such extreme changes in our diet.  I need to shed some pounds, the mechanic said he’d eat what I put in front of him, and my 19 year old daughter is apprehensive about B-12 deficiency. So, vegetarianism begins? Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Inspired to Paint a Chicken”

  1. Went vegetarian for over 2 years and loved every minute of it. I learned all new recipes and how to cook new things. I ended up being more unhealthy at times though with French fries and such, therefore I went back but it was and is a wonderful lifestyle. I try to stick with one meatless day a week still


    1. I tried for two weeks but found out with my hypoglycemia i was shaky and jittery too much. Now I’ve gone totally opposite with a high protein lower carb diet. I’ve lost 7lbs in 3 weeks. I was gaining weight with the other one. We do go meatless a couple of times a week too! Thanks for sharing..just saw this. LOL


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