Milk Jug Mask

1.  Make your Paper Mache Recipe

Toilet Paper Mache Paste

Ingredients list

1 roll toilet paper (I use Angel Soft because it breaks down easy)

¾ cup Elmer’s glue

1 cup Joint compound

¾ cup flour

  1. Soak toilet paper roll in bowl of water
  2. Remove the cardboard tube in center
  3. Ring out water from toilet paper roll
  4. Tear paper into small pieces
  5. Mix prepared toilet paper with remaining ingredients.

Mix all ingredients well until it forms a paste. I found that the paste works better when you let it sit an hour before using.  Store the leftover paste up to 4 days.


I used these brands of joint compound and glue



Use scissors to cut your gallon milk jugs in half vertically.
Cut off the handles too…
Cover with tape the holes where the handles were.  You can use either half of the jugs to make your mask.  I showed you an example of each that was used.


Press the paste onto your jug half.  I used thinner layers, letting them dry between the layers.  The more layers you have, the thicker/stronger the mask becomes.  I let mine dry in the sun.  It took too long  to dry indoors…but I’m VERY impatient!


I used the second layer to add some features like some eyebrows and a ridge on the nose.  It’s time to get creative here.  What do I have to lose?  It’s only toilet paper. LOL


I have my final shape! I carefully loosened my mask from it’s form so I can primer the whole thing.  It is easier if you keep bending the jug to help loosen it’s grip.  I used Valspar premium, white colored primer that I purchased at Lowe’s. I sprayed the primer on the front and the back.  This is so the acrylic paints will not re-wet and break apart the paper Mache.


My college-age daughter and I love doing projects together.  This was one of our most favorite!  I used a drill to make the holes in my gorilla mask and my husband cut the holes in my daughters tribal mask by using a little saw.  You would also want to drill some holes to tie your mask on. My daughter plans on using a hot glue gun to attach a half hoodie to the back side of her mask. That way she can wear it as a full mask.   She also recently purchased some raffia that she is going to glue to the half hoodie. Stay tuned to my blog and we’ll post photos when she is finished with it

I found that you can use any flexible item as a mold with this paper mache recipe.  For example, I’ve used cool whip containers to make cute bowls.  The paper mache wants to stick to the molds once its dried but flexible molds  makes it easier to work loose.

Tip:  I loosened my mask after the 1st layer dried, however; I kept the form under my mask while making the other layers and final painting. Leaving the form under the mask while I worked on it helped keep it from cracking while adding extra layers of paper mache and paint.

.  I’m so happy to be able to share creative outlets with you.

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