Sofa table updated in an afternoon, really


The sofa table was really shiny so I decided to lightly sand the whole thing.  The shabby paints that I use usually stick to everything but I wanted to make sure that I had a good surface for it to adhere to.  Shabby Paints.comstep2sofatable


I painted the whole top with Marine Blue and the legs with Cali Taupe.  Shabby Paints dry fast.  It dried within 30 minutes! REALLY…so I recoated it 30 minutes later.



I randomly taped off the whole top with 3M, safe-release tape that I bought at Lowe’s.  I then used various colors of Shabby Paints to fill in on the top to make my patterns.  I always peal away the tape immediately after painting to reveal my design. I sanded off some of the paints to reveal some of the wood underneath and give it a distressed look.
I applied one coat of clear Sabby Paint Vax sealer.  I waited an hour to dry and applied a coat of Re-Vax in black to give it an antiqued appearance. (yes, that is my unmade bed in the background.  Don’t judge me!



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