Seed starter pots made easy!

Use old newspaper to make seedling pots.  I cut strips of newspaper.(about 2 inch wide strips but used the side of the newspaper as the length of the strips)   I dunked each strip in water. The kitchen sink was the best place to do it.  Don’t do all the strips at once.  They’ll fall apart.  I then took the strips and wrapped them by circling around the bottom half of the glass.  (I did not want it too tall so I used only half of the glass)  I also liked cutting two sheets of newspaper for my strips.  I used some paper to wrap across the bottom too.  While the paper was still wet, I pressed down on the glass wrapped in strips of paper.  This squishing down on the glass resulted in my pots having flat bottoms. That way they will stand better when filling them with your seed starter mix.  My advised is to always use seed starter mix for your seeds. Lastly,   I carefully slipped the paper form off the glass and set in the sun to dry.  I have found these to be  the best seed starter pots ever!

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