Sofa table gets whimsical

Two coats of Shabby Paints chalk paint covers nicely

After lightly sanding the whole piece (the manufacture of the paint said that it was not necessary but I do it to reassure adhesion ) , I applied two coats of Shabby Paints.  I used Marine Blue on the top and Cali Taupe on the bottom. I love this chalk paint because I only had to wait 30 minutes of drying time between each coat. I recommend that you use one of the round chalk paint brushes to apply the paint because it holds the paint better glides on smoother.  I put a giant tablespoon of paint on a paper plate and worked off of the paper plate.  This kept me from drying out the jar of paint.  Wet your brush before you start painting.  The paint will glide on and go further.


After the two coast were dry,   I taped off the whole top with painters tape.  It was just a random pattern. Nothing fancy and no measuring for me. I then painted the exposed patches different colors (Cali Taupe, Vintage Glass, and Snow white) I pealed off the painters tape immediately to reveal my pattern. I lightly sanded the top to get it smooth and then I  distressed my whole piece.  I sanded the edges and some surfaces to reveal the wood underneath.
I finished the piece by applying one coat of clear Vax (Shabby paint brand sealer) and 30 minutes later I applied a coat of black ReVax .  You can use two coats of the clear but I wanted my piece to have an older, antiqued appearance So I used the Revax for the second coat.  You apply this with a wet sponge…easy peasy!  Can you believe that I finished this all in a day.  Its why I love Shabby Paints!




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